Does the universe really need another design blog?

by Intersectionist

Maybe not. But there are things that need to be said about design that I don’t see anyone else saying. So I’m in.

This isn’t meant to be just another link collection, or image gallery, or philosophical musing on design thinking. I love those things, and I have plenty on my RSS feed. But I think there are better ones than I’ll be able to provide here. I’ll recommend my favorites sometime.

I’m writing this blog because I think we need a more rigorous discussion of how good design functions—in the “design” world and the rest of the world.

Designers and non-designers need to make a clearer connection between design craft and design strategy. Non-designers need to understand the design process and the difference it can make for them. Designers need to learn how to articulate the rationale behind supposedly subjective choices, and think through the ways design strategy intersects with business strategy. More than anything, we all need to learn how empathy and honesty empower great design that really matters. I’m convinced that design has a much bigger role to play in the future. Design is really just getting started.

While I’m at it, I’ll throw in some thoughts about business culture and strategy.

I’m a professional designer and communicator—mostly graphic design and communication strategy, but I’ve also done my share of copywriting, photography, music composition/arrangement/recording/production, sound design, video editing, video shooting, interaction design, and branding, among other things. I love this stuff, and I want to see the principles I’ve learned applied at the next level.

I’m writing to think hard about hard problems, and figure out what design has to say about them. I hope you enjoy it, and join the discussion.